My Feng Shui Journey

My Feng Shui Journey 
Where Did It Start and Where Am I Going?


Actually, it's all about that I wanted to find different solutions and opportunities. Then I sought the understanding of what had happened. Feng Shui is elusive because it is energies that move.

On the other hand, it is possible to see changes that take place through calculations. Sooo interesting!

But anyway, I wanted clear and distinct ways to act when I began my Feng Shui journey (which I did not then know it was). I re-furnished my girlroom and the bed got all possible and impossible placements. What I discovered was that I slept and felt better when I had the bed in a certain direction. What I did not understand then was that after a while I did not sleep and did not feel so good anymore. And I still had the bed in the same place. How could that be?

As I said, I continued to move around my furniture and sometimes it felt good and other times not as good at all.

This has continued through life and now I have found the reason and cause for these changes, what impact they have on me and how I should do. ūü§©