Ready for new (old) knowledge?


Whose place are you in? Are you where you want to be? 

Is it an obvious choice or are you ready for change in your life? 

Well then. 

Now it´s time.

As I emphasized yesterday, we should start from the middle - from you/ourselves. 
You make the choices you need. Now you decide what you need.

In different Feng Shui Schools, we get/take in knowledge that is given. Not all knowledge gives you the right path. For my own part, I have been taken in knowledge that I currently see as an experience. Now it is important to act according to all my knowledge and experience.

With that said, I will not put everything in the same pot and stir around. Instead select - what is the right Feng Shui.

We have all heard of "clearing up the mess" and that is Feng Shui to the highest degree.

- But STOP there, it's NOT!

Of course, everyone wants to have it cleaned and organized to the extent we need, but it is NOT Feng Shui.

It is possible that when we have cleared our mess then positive things have happened. Maybe we just found our "money area". This is when we often think - it is Feng Shui. 

What we have done when we cleaned up the mess has helped/activated Chi. Feng Shui is much deeper than that.

A small note: The old Feng Shui Masters from China did not use the clutterclearing when they used Feng Shui. It is the people from the West side of the world that created that idea.

For that matter, it is not wrong to have it cleaned and organized, but it is important to know that it is not Classical Feng Shui.

Hope this prepares you for the next step in the World of Feng Shui.