When booking a Feng Shui consultation or course, the customer accepts the following conditions: 

  • Booking and order confirmation with agreed assignment is sent to the customer when the date for assignment is set. 
  • Approved quote corresponds to order confirmation. 
  • Feedback to the customer takes place one to two weeks after the consultation and two months thereafter via e-mail for any questions or concerns. 
  • Balance and feeling Vejbystrand is not responsible for installations or relocation of objects that require expert expertise. 
  • The customer is responsible and takes part in advice with final self-determination. 
  • Balance and feeling Vejbystrand saves customer information for assignments and invoicing and does not disclose this information to others. 
  • Images are only used in the consultation assignment and with the permission of the customer in social media or on this website. 
  • Payment is made against swish or invoice 10 days (administration fee for invoice will be added with SEK 50). 
  • For payment after the due date, interest will be charged according to the Interest Act. 
  • Reminder fee for late payment will be added with SEK 60. 
  • Balance and feeling Vejbystrand holds F-tax.

The right placement with the right balance - gives the right feeling