Speaking of energies - positive and negative. 

I want to give you a little reminder or possibly an aha-experience.

Of course, we want to strengthen the positive energies, but how do we do that? 
Depending on where the positive energies are, we reinforce with one of the five elements in the form of e.g. color, material, sound or light. Keep in mind, however, that in the wrong place, amplified energy can do more harm than good.

When it comes to the negative energies, however, it is not possible to remove EVERYONE, what we can do is weaken them. We talk about energies that exist and have existed in the house, before we even moved in, ie. it can be years of residual negative energy. Even new properties can have a lot of negative energy as things may have happened in the ground before the property was built.

Keep in mind, however, that when we set a salt regimen to weaken or strengthen, we also stir up the energies and the average time to see how it all lands is three months.

We can weaken negative energies in many different ways and the salt cure is one of them.

We need:

  • Coarse sea salt
  • Still water
  • 6 equal coins or 6 equal washers 
  • Glass jar of 500 ml with a wider opening (smaller glass jar of about 2-300 ml only in very small rooms)
  • Aluminum foil
  • Plastic foil (if you are going to make a movable saltcure, that is used according to the monthly energies)
  • Blue rubber band (only for the movable saltcure)
  • Coaster / dish / paperplate
  • Pot in metal or black-gray plastic (if you want to hide your saltcure)

When changing your saltcure you need:

  • plastic gloves, preferably disposable
  • plastic bag
  • outdoor rubbish bin for residual waste

Do it this way:

  1. Fill the glass jar to 3/4 with the coarse sea salt.
  2. Place the 6 coins / washers, in a ring, on top of the salt.
  3. Cover the jar in aluminum foil - leave the opening free
  4. Place your saltcure where you need it.
  5. Carefully fill with water, almost all the way up (1-2 cm from the top of the glass jar)
  6. When you have placed the saltcure, the concept is SEE but DO NOT TOUCH! 
  7. You must also not move it once it has started working, because then it stops working and you have to make a new one.
  8. Feel free to keep an eye on it and see what happens. Does it take a week or month before it starts to crystallize? The faster it crystallizes, the more correctly it is placed and ANOTHER salt cure is needed. 

Remember that no matter how much you want to touch the white crystals that have been formed, you MUST not. You want to get rid of the negative energy - not have more of it.

Note 1: Carefully top up with water when the water level drops.

Note 2: When the crystals have closed the opening of the glass jar, it is ABSOLUTELY time to replace the saltcure.

IMPORTANT! When replacing your saltcure, put on plastic gloves, lift the glass jar with the foil and carry it outside, carefully pour off the water (if any), place the glass jar with ALL the contents (salt and coins / washers) in a plastic bag which you tie and put in the rubbish bin's residual waste. Often on the same day as the garbage collection takes place to REALLY get rid of the negative energies.