What is Feng Shui?
- Feng Shui is a way of living - 


Feng Shui literally means wind and water. If we look more deeply at the meaning, it refers to the different forces of nature, ie. how the forms of watercourses change, the different strengths of the mountains and the importance of the valleys in the context and other things around that constantly affect us.

Through the guidelines used in Feng Shui, we can plan buildings based on favorable locations, floor plans and furnishings for well-being and also create an attractive position for ourselves in the home, community and business life.

This multi-thousand-year-old Eastern doctrine - Feng Shui - is used by many influential people and companies around the world, e.g. Bill Gates, Madonna, Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg, Sting, Coca Cola, The Body Shop and many more.

So what does Feng Shui do and how does Feng Shui become part of everyday life?

Well, Feng Shui opens our eyes and makes us see our surroundings in a way that shows every thing or person respect. Through this approach, we see that not everyone belongs together and we need to find places that are better or worse so that everything and everyone will reach their full potential. Knowing where we belong is important for both things and people. Again, not everyone is happy with everyone, but with the right conditions, we can do our best to show our absolute best side.

How can we get a structured balance at home or in our business - every day of the week -  and at the same time have increased well-being and peace of mind?

Let Feng Shui be a way of life. In the end, Feng Shui should feel more than visible!

How do we find the balance in life?

Many are the ways and techniques in which Feng Shui is practiced - nothing is more right or wrong. The first tool that was created and also used in Feng Shui's toolbox is Chi (the universal life force). Here we are reminded of how we react and act in different environments. Who does not calm down by taking a walk in a lush forest that is full of impressions on a quiet day, as opposed to being in a honking traffic jam in a big city, when the rain is also pouring down? Yes, again we are all different, but the heart rate increases, if that's what we want, in the latter example. We need all opposites, but the effect of opposites is best when we feel a balance in life. The balance can also depend on the earth's energies and with the help of pointers we can read where we should or should not sit or sleep - that's when we look for Curry Lines

Can we influence Chi?

Yes, we can because Chi is constantly changing according to what we or the rest of the environment do. Chi always follows the form. What shape do we want to create then? A comfortable or uncomfortable? If we imagine a calmly bubbling stream with round stones, the water follows its forms. Similarly, we can see this image, transformed into furniture, when we decorate - indoors or outdoors.

Our surroundings become most comfortable when it is calm and harmonious. Or?

Yes, everyone can answer for themselves. I have many more pages of Chi to show you that can benefit and influence our experiences. To find out about them and highlight their positive sides, I want to share them with you for a more beautiful and richer and more well-balanced life. It is your own work of art that you create and can also be in. With a foundation from Eastern teaching, a clear and distinct balance is experienced of how the value (for you and others) of interior and exterior increases.

Create the style you feel good about?

A floor plan, a compass and a bagua with Flying Stars work wonders. Flying Stars are stars that, like all energy, move on an annual, monthly and daily (etc.) level. The stars are written with number where each number (1-9) has some meaning and even more meaning together with other numbers.

The five elements help Flying Stars compensate for the colors, shapes or patterns we need to strengthen or weaken for our well-being.

1. Color - think the colors in the following order: brown / beige, white / gray / pastel, black / dark blue, green and clear red / orange / yellow. This order involves earth, metal, water, wood and fire.

Imagine that they are holding each other's hand - if any color is removed, the ring is broken. Three colors can form a small ring and that's ok, but they must hold together, so that harmony can both be seen and felt. If we choose to work only with black and white, the contrasts will be quite harsh and brown / beige or green should thus be added.

2. Shape - just like colors, we should think of shapes in the following order: square / horizontal rectangle, round / circle, squiggly / wavy, vertical rectangle and triangle. Again, it is about soil, metal, water, wood and fire. Do we use ex. a square box, we should also place something like a circle and something wavy.

Patterns - all patterns we see on ex. carpets, wallpaper, fabrics can also be read as above. The same thing applies here: square, round, winding / wavy, flowers / plants and triangles.


     Wood                       Earth




Sometimes it is possible to read what trend we are in and how we feel about it. Too much soil element can make us heavy (but also grounded in a troubled time) and too much water element can make us lush. The balance between the elements is important! It is when we see this and know where to add what depending on the Flying Stars that we can make a difference in our lives! Sometimes we also need to add Saltcures to balance our mood. Read about and see how to make your Saltcure

Welcome to take part of more information!

The right placement with the right balance - gives the right feeling