About me

Feng Shui gives you the feeling of balance in your everyday life and for me it started over 30 years ago, without knowing Feng Shui at all. 

My name is Charlotte Johansson and I have always been interested in interior design and how new opportunities and well-being can be created based on placements in the indoor and outdoor environment. After some very educational years in the photography industry and then training as a preschool teacher, with the profession that gives an incredible amount of joy and where no two days are the same, I decided to increase my skills further and read on to a Special educator. The years as a Special educator gave me additional experience that made me look up and see how and what we are affected by. 

Working with the different guidelines in Feng Shui I have more or less always done on emotion, in all my different environments (my home, work). After the training as a Feng Shui Consultant, at the Nordic School of Feng Shui with Nordic culture and Western interior design as a focus, the feeling came in print and the certification as a Feng Shui consultant became a fact. 

I gained additional knowledge when I took the San Yuan Xuan Kong Flying Star Certification course through Feng Shui and Prosper in February 2022. It gave me an in-depth and heartfelt level of how Feng Shui works. 

Feel free to contact me for a Feng Shui Consultation, lecture or to participate in a Feng Shui course for a sustainable and well-balanced mind in your home, garden or business. 

With kind regards
Charlotte Johansson

The right placement with the right balance - gives the right feeling