- private homes-

Paying attention to what is around us makes us aware that everything has an impact.

Too much of anything can create imbalance. It's not just about the outside all the time - it's when we go deep we realize what balance is.When the balance is created, there will be a noticeable and positive change in our lives and that a sustainable and healthy home or garden emerges.

As I said, we need the balance everywhere - outdoors and indoors to feel good on both the outside and inside.

- Home or garden - 

In a consultation of your home or garden we are using Feng Shui and its tools, as well as guidelines to enable and thereby concretize what is needed for well-being. Based on your needs and wishes, you choose the Small, Medium or Large package.

- The three packages - 

All packages include the impact of energy (Chi),  the strengths or weaknesses of the five elements and the importance of the power positions. 

Small package 
We focus on: - the energy flow (Chi) in the home or garden to harmonize and create balance. 

Medium package
This includes: - the energy flow (Chi) in the home or garden - how colors affect the harmony in our environment and - how the furniture is best placed based on your particular situation 

Large package 

The largest package contains and focuses on: - the energy flow (Chi) in the home or garden, - how colors affect the harmony in our environment - how the furniture is best placed based on your particular situation - how we measure the earth's energy field with the help of pointers (not online) to find the energy we so desperately need without being aware of it.

- Approach - 

1.  You send me your home or garden layout

2. I will return with dates for consultation

3. Consultation takes place at your place or online 

4. I give feedback two weeks after the prescribed consultation


If a larger written documentation is desired, additional costs will be added depending on the size of the focus area.

- Statement from customers-

"We have received a thorough review of our home with tips and tricks to make a difference in the feeling in the home. We also feel strengthened by the areas that are already ok. We also got a scan of curry lines and this was both fun and interesting because we could feel the difference in the measuring instrument. " - Catharina

"My home means a lot to me.

It is the place where we should feel safe, be able to get energy and really relax.

I got help from Charlotte who is a Feng Shui consultant at @balansochkansla in Vejbystrand when we moved to our current apartment.

I'm so glad I did not repaint our old cabinetūüėä

Feng shui is about health, balance and harmony, and we need all five Feng shui elements in our environment to thrive.

If you want to know more or get help in your home or garden, contact Charlotte @balansochkansla, she is great at finding solutions through Feng Shui in everyday life. "- Lena

"Yes, the biggest difference is the round carpet in the entrance, it is immediately noticeable that it is a completely different feeling, that energy stops / does not disappear. It also gets nice comments from every new visit we get." - Belen

The right placement with the right balance - gives the right feeling