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All opportunities to feel good


Positive thoughts generate positive emotions. When we feel, a flow is created in the body. We need the positive flow to compete with the negative thoughts.

Sometimes we find when we are not looking and sometimes we look and still do not find. Suddenly everything becomes clear and is right in front of your nose!

The best of it is that you are the one who decides the train table and it is you who drives. If you want to take it easy one day that is fine and those who want go with your train are free to jump in. Or choose another.

This is what distinguishes Feng Shui life from...

Have you woken up, have you kept up? Where are you right now? Do you think about how everything / everyone moves? Fast or slow? Do you think everything is going sluggishly?

A new day


Of course there are both simple and difficult challenges but I think we live more if we are faced with a challenge 😉

Actually, it's all about that I wanted to find different solutions and opportunities. Then I sought the understanding of what had happened. Feng Shui is elusive because it is energies that move.

Unique layout


Many of us have believed that just because we put a frog at the door, the money flows in. And yes, if the calculation we made matches our "money area" then it can be so. If not, then we stop focusing and believing and have to content ourselves with thinking the frog is nice anyway.



Want to know more about this? Yes, I actually think it would be interesting for you to know more about this knowledge. Some numbers are good and others are less good. Together they can be even better OR even worse. Important to know about this.

Dare to weigh


In order to achieve the most balance and be satisfied / feel good, the weight thinking should be positive.

Vet du att utsidan är minst lika viktig som insidan när det kommer till Feng Shui?

De positiva energierna vill vi såklart förstärka, men hur gör vi det? Beroende på var de positiva energierna finns förstärker vi med något av de fem elementen i form av t.ex. kulör, material, ljud eller ljus. Tänk dock på att på fel plats kan förstärkt energi göra mer skada än nytta.

en-Din roll


Tänk din roll - vad kan DU göra
- för dig själv och andra?

Med det menar jag -"är du rätt programmerad?"
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